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Glossary of Architectural Terms

apse A semicircular area; in most churches it contains the altar. (rhcd 67):a vaulted semicircular or polygonal recess in a building, esp. at the end of the choir of a church. (See also the illus. at basilica)
Church architectural elements
 · Apse A semicircular recess covered with a hemispherical vault at the east end more images Arcade A passage or walkway covered over by a succession of arches or vaults supported by columns Architrave A moulded or ornamental band framing a rectangular


The back wall of the apse and the “arch of triumph”, which opened into the transept, were decorated with mosaics. The altar stood in, or before, the apse under a decorated baldacchino (). The walls were often adorned with pictures, and the floor was made of .
* Radiating chapels (Architecture)
Chevet: Apse built as ~ outside of the choir aisle, and the resulting, more complicated structure became known as the chevet at the beginning of the 13th century. Chevet – The eastern end of a Gothic church, including choir (), ambulatory, and ~. Chevron

Santa Pudenziana – Smarthistory

These associations with authority made the apse a suitable stage for the Christian rituals. The priest would be like the magistrate proclaiming the word of a higher authority. A late fourth century mosaic in the apse of the Roman church of Santa Pudenziana visualizes this.
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Cámara rápida
La técnica de cámara rápida[1] [2] (en inglés time-lapse) es una técnica fotográfica muy popular usada en cinematografía y fotografía para mostrar diferentes motivos o sucesos que por lo general suceden a velocidades muy lentas e imperceptibles al ojo humano. El efecto visual que se logra en cámara rápida consiste en que todo lo que
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