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First, they should consider whether the wording makes it a contractual obligation on them to pay bonus. Merely labelling the right to bonus as ‘discretionary’ may not allow them to simply not
Bonus Pay: What Is It?
 · Discretionary bonuses: An employer may distribute bonus pay at their discretion, perhaps as a reward for high performance, for an employee-of-the-month program, or for a successful referral of a new employee.Discretionary bonuses are not required to be paid out

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 · A “discretionary” bonus may be paid to an employee without any further consequences or requirements under the FLSA. However, a “non-discretionary” bonus makes things more complicated. Specifically, this latter type of bonus must be factored into any overtime pay earned by …
Bonus Pay
 · PDF 檔案bonus, the employer has the final say as to whether to pay out or not. You will need to look at the terms of your employment contract and the bonus documentation to work out whether your bonus is guaranteed or discretionary. This can be a complex question
Employment Law 101: Bonuses
A bonus then includes any prize or award to an employee in addition to traditional “bonus” payments. What is the difference between discretionary and non-discretionary bonuses: I’m glad you asked. It is one of the key dividing lines in payment of bonuses.
Bonuses: a guide
Even with a discretionary bonus, your employer can’t give bonuses in an irrational or unreasonable way. Many bonus schemes specify performance criteria. Some also specify who will judge performance against those criteria.

What does “in the employer’s discretion” really mean? …

Mr. Patural was a banker, whose contract contained a typical discretionary bonus clause and which allowed the bank to determine the amount of his bonus at its discretion. When he joined the bank he was told that he might expect to receive a bonus equivalent to 10% of his trading profits in good years and a 5% of his trading profits in bad years.

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An unearned bonus is when there is no specific criteria for receiving a bonus, but it is up to the employer’s discretion to give you one or not. An unearned bonus can be given at any time for workplace appreciation, holidays, work anniversaries, or for any reason at the discretion of the employer.
What is a non discretionary account?
A non-discretionary bonus is paid because of a contract or agreement that has been made between the employer and employee ahead of time. A non-discretionary bonus is a bonus that the employee is expected to be paid and it is usually given at the same time, either monthly, quarterly or annually.
Employee recognition and company culture
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Bonus is discretionary?
 · I worked for a company before leaving them in Mid March. Normally they pay a bonus but they said they wouldnt pay me as I left before the end of the quarter. They state the bonus is discretionary which appears to mean we dont pay it if we dont want to. My

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Where you make a decision not to pay a discretionary bonus or incentive payment (or to make a lower payment than might be anticipated), there should be clear evidence of the reasons payment was not made – for example poor performance or misconduct – to

What Is Discretionary Trading?

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Reinventing Your Bonus Pool Structure

The Old Way: 100% Discretionary ‘Trust Me’ Plan Company A offers a market-competitive base salary but has a purely discretionary bonus plan. If the company makes money and the owner decides to share some of the profits, he or she will give you a bonus …

What are Seller’s Discretionary Earnings?

Bonus $17,500 Owners Benefits Meals and Entertainment $4,850 Travel $3,250 Cell Phone $1,250 Health Insurance $9,500 Non-Recourring Expenses Software Set up Fee $1,500 SELLERS DISCRETIONARY EARNINGS $103,950
Bonuses at work
For many people bonus pay makes up a significant amount of their annual salary. Bonus payments can be either guaranteed as part of an employment contract or discretionary. Read this quick guide for more information about when you may receive a bonus on top of your salary, and whether this is guaranteed or discretionary.

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My employment letter includes a discretionary bonus based on personal and company performance. I am working the full year up until December 14th, at which point I am resigning. My employment letter doesn’t say anything about being employed at the time of the bonus …

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For example, where it makes sense to assume an employee earned an equal portion of the bonus each workweek, the employer may divide the bonus amount by the number of workweeks in the period.